Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation Plans

SAGE is on multidisciplinary consultant teams developing Sustainable Agricultural Lands Conservation program (SALC) plans for two California counties. These efforts share the goal of investing in agriculture as a long-term strategy to enhance community resilience and minimize the impacts of climate change

The Ventura County Sustainable Agriculture Conservation Planning Strategy, now midway,  links the enhancement of the working lands economy with  preservation, innovative land use planning tools, and public engagement into a singular plan to secure  Ventura County’s agricultural future. The Mariposa County Agricultural & Working Landscape Conservation Plan, just getting underway, will  include assessing local risks, opportunities, and conditions, evaluating options for economic incentives – such as payments for ecosystems services, and developing a plan responsive to climate adaptation  and community goals. 

SAGE’s focus in both efforts is to advise on the development of multifaceted agricultural education and awareness strategies as essential elements in these broader agricultural conservation plans.  Our premise is that a robust agricultural economy and permanent protection of agricultural  resources requires public awareness, sense of connection and commitment to action. In both projects, we are co-creating with diverse stakeholders,  strategies for making a vibrant  agriculture sector a foundation for community health, well-being and identity, as well as essential for  climate change resilience. 

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