Sunol AgPark Transition in Management

After creating the Sunol AgPark in 2006 and guiding its growth for ten years, SAGE transitioned management of the AgPark to our long-term project partners in 2017. The Sunol AgPark will continue to provide land for sustainable farming, support to beginning farmers, and educational opportunities for students and members of the community.

At the Sunol AgPark, SAGE has helped dozens of small farming enterprises flourish, hosted thousands of students on field trips, and successfully created a place that will endure as a model for integrating sustainable farming with environmental and community benefits.

SAGE and project partners celebrated the Sunol AgPark’s 10th anniversary in August 2016 to honor this pioneering farm model and public-nonprofit partnership. It is gratifying to see the Sunol AgPark deeply valued by farmers, partners, communities and educators throughout the Bay Area.

  • The Alameda County Resources Conservation District (ACRCD) will be in charge of day-to-day management of the sustainable farming, educational programs, and ecological benefit elements of the AgPark.
  • For information about farming opportunities, please contact the ACRCD.
  • For information about AgPark field trips, please click here:
  • To download our “Farming in the Watershed” activity guide used at the AgPark, click here.

SAGE will focus on our other agricultural revitalization and urban-rural connections projects, including developing new AgParks to advance sustainable agriculture and food systems in the Bay Area. We thank our partners and stakeholders for their support of the Sunol AgPark, and we look forward to involving them in our continuing work in the future.

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