Economic Feasibility Study of San Mateo County Agriculture (2013-14)

Client: Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST)

Date of Project: 2013-14

SAGE produced the Economic Feasibility Study of San Mateo County Agriculture in partnership with BAE Urban Economics and SAGE consultant, Brett Melone. The purpose of the research project was to help POST identify and prioritize the actions it needed to take, and the initiatives it needed to partner on, in order to create the conditions for agriculture to thrive.  In conducting the research, the consultant team emphasized personal interviews with a wide range of stakeholders, including farmers and ranchers, San Mateo County officials, and agriculture, land use and natural resources experts.

The project consisted of a series of sub-projects with the following deliverables: a Literature Review of relevant existing studies; a Land Use Policy Review; a Memo on Agriculture Support Initiatives; a Water Supply and Infrastructure Memo; a Case Study about Johnston Ranch, a POST property; a Funding Explorations Memo; and a Final Recommendations memo. This work built off and incorporated the report Agriculture in the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District: Existing Conditions, Trends, Constraints and Opportunities. This report became part of the Vision document underlying MidPen’s successful Measure AA Campaign in 2014.
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