Oeste Farms Agricultural Conservancy Feasibility Study (2010)

Client: Oeste Ranch Partners, LLC

Date of project: 2010

Oeste Ranch is a 600-acre parcel of land located in Yolo County, at the edge of the city of Davis. Formerly part of the historic, multi-generation farm holdings of the Oeste family, today the land is owned by Oeste Ranch Partners LLC. Currently, two local farmers lease the land for production of conventionally farmed commodity crops.  SAGE conducted a feasibility study for an agricultural conservancy on up to 400 acres of the site with the aim of permanently preserving and enhancing the agricultural traditions and values of this prime farm land through smaller-scale farms using organic farming methods and focusing on sales to local outlets.

The Oeste Farms Agricultural Conservancy is envisioned as a new model for a local-serving, sustainable community farm. Project components include organic farming and small-scale market gardening, and public-serving businesses and facilities that complement the farming.  As of 2015, the project was not yet implemented.

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