100+ Jobs Project, Workforce Development in Sustainable Agriculture Sector (2020 – present)

The 100+ Jobs project aims to advance good, green jobs in the agriculture & food, natural & working lands, and natural resource management sectors. From fall 2020 to June 2022, the project was developed and managed as a  collaboration between the Bay Area Community College Consortium, Agriculture, Water, and Environment Technologies (AWET) Employer Engagement Industry Sector, and Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE). The AWET Program has since been disbanded across the state. SAGE, through its Bay Area Food Futures Roadmap framework for increasing resilience across the food supply chain, aims to help  elevate future-oriented good jobs in food, agriculture and natural resources management.

 The project had three components. The most developed was the 100+ Jobs to Feed People and Sustain the Planet website, which now features over 30 job stories and has links to related community college programs, work-based learning opportunities, job boards and occupation and salary data.  The second component of the project was an initiative to strengthen alignment between community college programs and the workforce development needs of employers in the agriculture and food, natural and working lands, and natural resource management sectors. This initiative identified research needs and current and needed work-based learning opportunities. The third component was paid professional development for Bay Area Community College faculty; which resulted in faculty participating in over a dozen courses related to regenerative agriculture and natural resources management.

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